Travel Tech


Driver-less Cars: Autonomous vehicles are been tested currently on the streets of Cali where they have been given the green test light by the U.S. government. Some of the results seems quiet impressive which have been observed by representative at Google’s Mountain View, headquarters in California.

Accident Avoidance Vehicles: Toyota Pre-Collision System vehicle will be able to detect the possibility of an accident and make corrective actions, such as to slow or stop the vehicle.

Mini Cars Go Caribbean: Tata Nano new 60 mpg car see more at the Nano. See what’s in store for the Caribbean if this Nano gets the Caribbean’s support. But before all this support can take place I know there are a lot of missing answers to questions people in the Caribbean have. One of those question is What will the effect one the environment?







Audible crosswalk signals to help visually impaired pedestrians
Vibrating crosswalk for assisting the hearing impaired pedestrians
Pedestrian countdown clocks placed at all intersections where stop lights are installed to give motorists and pedestrians a time frame when to or when not to enter the roadway.







Samsung Galaxy 2, 7.0: How to manually install ADOBE FLASH PLAYER on your portable devices:
1. Go to: (read) or skip to part 2.
2. Then go to: (read) or skip to part 3.
3. (read) or download, install and enjoy the html videos.



MUST HAVE BASIC ANDROID APPS(with offline option):

Crackle: movies archive and player
Kingsoft Office: word documents reader, editor, creator and able to cross platform with other word apps.
Talking Translation: multi language translator(online only)
Japanese Vocabulary: translates English writing to Japanese writing
French Quiz: English to French translator and English questions with French responces
Skype: online live video and audio feeds with paid telephone setvice capabilities
Calendar: keeps track of important dates with alarm options
Doodle Dawg: sketch with various options
NoteBook: make and keep a record of all important notes
Bible: the NIV full King James Boble
Draw: Draw 3D imagery
English Dictionary: find any word and it’s meanings
Free Spanish Dictionary: find any english and spanish word and it’s meanings
Spanish Italian: find the Italian to spanish translation and visa versa
Hand Reading: learn to read a palm and see a future
Map With Me: download and view any map in the world
Contacts: sync you yahoo and gmail account contacts to you device
Dialer: make phone calls from your SIM card equipted drvice and sync your contacts from your contact app.
Panorama: look at image in 360 view
Photaf Lite: look at image in 360 view
Adobe Reader: PDF file reader
PDF Fill & Sign Form: Edit and fill forms
Smart Distance: measure distance from a distance
Smart Compass: know your longitude and latitude and true North
Smart Measure: measure hieght from a distsnce
Metal Detector: can detect metal, detect electric line or water pipes in wall




USB Device Installer: This is a great app for adding other wired devices such as TVs, printers, cameras, scanner and etc.




Dolphin Mobile: Web browsers is a fully functional desktop like app. This app have copy and paste capabilities, email veiwing, writing and sending with file attachments and is able also to play various video files formats such as html, html5 or java script.




1. Laser Virtual Keyboard: a keyboard that requires no actual board
2. The Celluo evoMouse: a mouse that is not an actual mouse


Travel Accessaries

Timberland Brand: One of the best made suit case set and that is very affordable priced under a hundred dollars and can be found at Marshalls department store is the Timberland brand. Why do I found this to be? I will list what I have discovered and the main reason for this suit case nomination as travel tech list.
What’s Best
The color is neturally unique and simple to recognise especilly if you just got off you long and exhausted flight and you just want to find your luggage on an airport carosol and go.
The design; starting with the zipper holders are made from leather to preventing the holders from snapping; the zippers are very large which prevents the them from damadge when stretched during packing; the corners and hedges are beaded and areinforced with rubber; the cases are expandable to fit extra items, two pockets one small and one large to fit what ever you want; on the inside of each of the cases, there is a small draw string waterproof bag for shoes or dirty laundry and also a small pocket for personal items; two wheels and a expandable pull handle for easy transport; weight is reasonable weighing between 6 to 12lbs this is very good when you have to check your luggage at a 50lbs weight requirement.
What Could be Improve
The cases could have 3rd or forth wheel for vertical transporting, but not really required when you are concerned about weight.







Hailo Cab mobile application