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>The future depends on nothing in the pass, but the pass depends on everything of its future!

<Your day depend on if you can get up or lay down!

>Time can only be your master if you let it!



<Remember whenever one talk a lot, one should also listen a lot too!

>One’s going up should be measured by how fast one can come down!

<Remember that right turns are the best turns to make when the left turns seems easy to make!

>Envy is good when the envy, up lifts the characters of the envious person.

<Whenever, you are aiming for a target don’t be afraid to missed it, because if you are afraid of missing your target, then your fear may prevent you from firing at your target!



>Remember jumping can only be made if there is space to go up!

<Remember a box can only be done if there are sides!

>Remember borrowing can only be done if there is something to lend!

<Whenever, you look at your mirror, don’t let it change what God had made, rather rejoice and be glad for it!

>Whenever you pray and if your prayer is not working, then you have to pray some more, and if some more doesn’t work, then you have to pray harder.



>When your outlook is blurred by the world’s problem, focus on Jesus!

<Whenever the rain falls, it always rains on more than one roof tops!

>Then ocean is wider than the eyes can see!

<If you see some folks without a smile today give them one of yours!

>Money has a man made value, but it values less than a peace of mind!

<The time spent thinking about one’s self is time wasted, one should always thinks of others, just like Jesus did.

>Procrastination is like a virus, if not treated for the better it can fester into something worst or nothing at all.



< Because a joke was told and someone laughed, doesn’t mean that what was told is funny.

>The strength you possess is not your own, so use it wisely!

<When one smile at another, it’s a sign of love, which is a of something beautiful!

>The wrong side for you could be the right side for someone else!

<Everything in life can be priced, valued, charged, loaned or maybe sold, but everything can not be bought!

>Why is it harder to give than to receive?

<Just because you don’t think  you can make it doesn’t mean that you should stop trying.





>A man made creation is never fully made, but what the Lord has created  you can bet that all has been fully made, just like you and me.

>The time you take to hate is the time lost for love!

<The light at the end of the tunnel might be your faith, so the only way to get there is may be to close your

>One’s beauty is priceless, but applying make-ups could reduce it’s value!

>Everything is everything, no matter how we look at things, therefore because everything owns its time in space we are also everything we are in our own space.



>Education can only be a key if the door that key is in can be open!

<It can only be driven if it has somewhere to go!

>The choices you made for the situations tomorrow may be for the situations yesterday!

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