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Pain from sitting on your wallet
NYC reinventing pay phone boxes
New York City Crosswalk upgrade

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NYC Pedestrian Crosswalk

NJ Pulasky

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The New Jersey Pulaski Skyway North Down

Smart booting system going statewide!
High Tech Cross Walks!

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Cross Walk Upgrade

Keep driveway clear
Maps with Google

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Google Street View Car


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Your car are being tracked!

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Licenses Plate Reader

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Inspection
Mail-in your NJDL for renewal
Take a Bus, take a Train, take a Taxi and now take a Bike!
Military CDL waiver
Disable parking permit changes
Your choice your savings
Low overpass
jitneys bus rides
EZ Pass and I Pass
EV power up in the village
Homeless finds home at train station
Boston Duck doing its tour
Make note if the Boston new street cleaning