The Next Amber or Yellow You Catched, Could Send You a Ticket for Speeding

In some states, municipalities are finding ways to make more money from the red light camera at intersections, by adding speeding cameras. So if a motorist doesn’t get caught by the red light camera because he or she beats the amber light, then he or she is then caught by the speeding camera.

This discovery have been reached by motorists who have gotten caught by the speeding camera after they have tried to beat the amber. Whenever, a motorist is caught by the speeding camera, the same ticket mailing process happens. Here goes; camera flashed, data uploads wirelessly to the traffic control and monitoring servers, operator checked the system, pulled and analyzed the data, and then sends out the violation evidence to the registered automobile owner.

Once the ticket received by the owner, it is up to that individual to contest it or just pay the fine, which is sometimes without points occurred. Lest reason a bit here, so the cameras gets installed, the cops gets laid off, you don’t get any points, but you pays the fine. Who is benefiting here?

Not me, you, nor the cops who needs to work feeds and take care of themselves and their family.