To Dubai [United Arab Emirates]

United Arab Emirates

Visiting Dubai

The one of the must visit place if you are a traveler. Here are some things to know:

Before you go Dubai: There currency is 1 USD to AED = about 3.67 Emirati Dirhams.
However, it is better to keep your USD, UKP or EUE until you get to Dubai, because you get better rates for your money.
You don’t need a visa for visiting before you get to Dubai from most if not all countries. Please check with your air lines for travel requirements.

While you are there in Dubai: The food are delicious. The people are very helpful, polite and speaks English. The weather is lovely.
Public affection in not allowed. Public alcohol intoxication is not allowed. In the Mosque women must be fully covered from head to toes. If you are taking the train, make sure you get on the correct train, because there are women only, men  only and women and kids only train.
To get on the train, you must purchase and keep your ticket for entering and exiting the train system.
Taxi are everywhere, so no need to rent a car if you are not planning on driving long distance.
You should visit the marina and rent a yacht and cruise the water ways down to the Dubai Eye and the Atlantis Hotel resorts.
Try flying over the water ways with the Skyline Cable ride.
Also if you are daring try the sky diving from one of the aircraft.
Try riding of the fastest elevator in the world that goes from 0 to 125th floor in 60:00 seconds, in the Burj Khalifa one the tallest building. While you are there stay for dinner, then watch the build fantastic light show, that moves to the sound of tunes.
Don’t go anywhere yet, there is also a magnificent light and water show,  where the water and lights moves to the sounds of music.
Check out the magical garden where everything is made into real flowers, from their Emirates Airlines to Donal Duck.
There is also a butterfly garden too that will take your breath away.
Check out the garden that lights up at night not far from the largest picture frame in the world.
Then before night falls try the camel ride, dinner, sand done sari.
Finally, shop everywhere, you can for clothes, handbags, name brands, and don’t forget to be mindful of your luggage weight, because even though it is free for your first two suitcases, it can be very expensive for the third piece of luggage.

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