Going To Israel

Going to Israel 

From: United States No Visa is required.

Security Check:
There are various levels of security checks, that are conducted by different airlines or at different airports.
For New Jersey, Newark Liberty International airport (EWR), there are special and or additional security screening area in front of the aircraft’s boarding gate.
Before you can board the your flight, you must have your bags checked for one final time before boarding the aircraft.
Once you are screened for this second secured area, you may not leave this area. However, if you do leave the secured area you must take all your bags with you, and you will be checked again.
Upon your 10 hours straight flight or whatever time it takes for your connecting flights arrival in to Israel please note that the Israeli boarder protection agency will not stamp your passport. However, you will be given a temporary identification card with your picture, travel, and work permit details.

The card should be kept as safe as your passport, because you will need that ID card to exit Israel. This card system is very important, because if while you are in Israel and you would like to expand your visit into other surrounding territories, it will make your entering  and exiting those countries much more easier.

Upon your leaving of Israel, you must provided the above blue card, ant then you will be give the reddish Exit Permit Identification card. This card will be needed to access the turn style type gates in order for you to get to your flight.

Language and Communication:
The native language is Hebrew, but my experienced is that most of the people I have met have communicate with me in English and are very willing to help with any questions I had, and a great and a huge plus, because it is not so in some European countries that I have visited, such as France and Germany. I noticed that I can easily identify some of those countries that would have some form of resistance to communicate with westerners by the street signs and by the names on the various types of businesses. This observation is not in all cases, but that’s just what I have noticed so far.

While In Israel:
Traveling through out the county by private or by commercial tour bus are as easy as traveling throughout the United States.
See all you can see while you are there, especially where Jesus walks. Eating is world class quality and I believe are some of the freshest meal I have had which can only compares to the types of foods I have whenever I am in Jamaica. Shopping is great if you are a good deal maker, you can get lots of deals on everything you wish to purchase. If you happened to visit the Jewish Corridor Shopping area, and you love arts, then you you have to pay a visit Mr. Rozen, Art store. Anything you buy or ordered will be shipped to your home address in the United States ASAP. Please don’t forget to give as much and as correct contacts as you possible can to Mr. Rosen. Take a business card for the store with you home. One last thing as you are shopping for your high priced items, find out if the store offers VAT refund option? This is important when you get to the airport you can claim your duty free and get back the taxes you spent on the item(s). See Tax refund steps bellow: