Vehicle Diognostic



In some states where vehicle emission test is a requirement for automobile inspection, a state like New Jersey for example that offered free vehicle inspection on its registered vehicles. NJ offers documented and detailed report to motorists if their vehicle fail as an incentives.

Here are some things to take note of: If your vehicle’s CHECK engine light is ON and you don’t know what is the cause of the light, then you should have it checked with an On-Board Diognostics computer checker. After the vehicle is checked and the error code is discovered, then all corresponding repairs should be made prior to your vehicle inspection date.

However, if you had your vehicle repaired and the troubled codes cleared, don’t take it directly to the motor vehicle inspection station because the vehicle will fail for not ready. This means that the vehicle computer will have nothing to report on, so you will have a result of fail inspection.

A list of Checks That is made and must PASS all phases to get an inspection sticker on your window.

1. Credentials Check; Valid Drivers License, Vehicle Registration and Insurance.

2. Primary Emission Test; Bulb Check, Check Engine Light On, OBD connector and communications, MIL Command Status Overall Readiness Result.

3. OBD System-Readiness Stutus; Engine Misfire, Fuel System, Comprehensive Component, Catalytic Converter, Heated Catalytic Converter, Evaporative System, Secondary Air Injection, A/C Refrigerant, Oxygen Sensors, Oxygen Sensors-Heaters and EGR Systems

4. Secondary Emissions Test(s); Gas Cap, Tampering, Visible Smoke, Liquid Leak, Indicator light and Misc. Emissions.

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