Your Airplane is Now FlyingFi

Flying on the internet

JetBlue Fly-Fi

Have you ever wanted to be on the internet while you are flying? Well now you can on JetBlue. Your Blue in the air is now equipped with inlight wireless technology, that sllows its passengers to access the internet while on rout to their destination. This feature is useful when you have important to read before your flight arrived at your destination your business meeting or adventure.

Please note that for now internet access is only available at about 30,000 feet or so, when it is in connection with the ViaSat which is about 22,000 feet above the earth. All access to the internet are conducted through purchase charged to a credit card. However, if you are unsure about how to access the Fly-Fi network whenever you are flying, just ask a flight attendant. You can also get more Fly-Fi information from the booklet in the seat pocket in front you.

The JetBlue Airbus fleet will be completed 2015, with their E190s fleets to follow. So if your flight is equipped then check it out and share your experience while you are flying-fi.

Know this that when ever a flight is operating out of the Fly-Fi coverage area, the Fly-Fi may not be work. It is said that sometimes when flight routs are exchanged, due to demand for a certain aircraft, your flight may also not equipped with such internet technology.