Declaration form Completion


Jamaican Form

Jamaican Declaration Form

Whenever, you are traveling to Jamaica and you are required to fill out in its entirety or else you will be stopped before you get to immigration, to have fill it out. This delay can bring a bit of aggrevation if you are in a hurry to clear custom, and get on your way.

Also if you need to complete the declaration form after you have been told to do so, if you don’t have a pen to complete the required sections of the passenger’s arrival declaration form.

Any time you are traveling always have something to write with and write on. This especially important when you are traveling out of your home country or international.

On aircrafts always listen to your flight attendant’s instructions on requirements for declaration form completion.

If you don’t listen to the specific of the flight attendant when it is given, then you will be instructed to do so before you get to the immigration officer.

Finally this one is important: each individual adults must fill out one of the declaration form and you may not have to return with the bottom portion of the form when ever you are ready to depart, because the Jamaican customs agency is implementing some new forms without the bottom half perforated I supposed.  Since the last time I took a flight to Jamaica I received  a new form.