Declaration form Completion

Customs forms

Border Protection form

Whenever, you are traveling to Jamaica and you are required to fill out in its entirety or else you will be stopped before you get to immigration, to have fill it out. This delay can bring a bit of aggravations if you are in a hurry to clear custom, and get on your way.

Also if you need to complete the declaration form after you have been told to do so, and you don’t have a pen to complete the required sections of the passenger’s arrival declaration form. You must borrowed one from someone, such as your fellow passengers or from one of your flight crew member.

1. Anytime you are traveling always have something to write with and write on. This especially important when you are traveling out of your home country area or internationally.

2. When you are on aircrafts always listen to your flight attendant’s instructions on safety requirements or for airport clearance rules.

3. If you failed listen to the specific instructions of the flight attendant when they are given, then you have to deal with delay by answering to an immigration officer.

I know you may have been a frequent flyer, but things change very ¬†often, and because you have been on a flight in the morning and you are returning in the evening on the same flight doesn’t mean that something hasn’t change.

So to save some time during you airline travel do as you are ask by your flight attendants.