A Faster and Better Way to Clear U.S. Immigration

Automated Passport Control prcess

New U.S. border protection declaration form

The old inbound immigration declaration form are been phased out. Those who have traveled internationally in the passed few months have noticed that whenever they are told to fill out the U.S. Custom’s declaration form by their flight attendant, once they gets to the immigration officer the form is not been used anymore.

***Notice: Even though, you know that this computerized declaration system is in place at a particular airport, and you are told to complete the form by your airline’s flight attendants. You should complete the form as requested by you flight attendants, ¬†because the computerized declaration system could be down at the arriving airport and the only way to get your information is through the paper forms, so fill it out anyways. It could save you some time when clearing. Also if you fill out the form and you don’t need it, then so be it, and at least you were prepared.

However, what is now been use is the computerized declaration form, where the person who is required to complete the form, photographs, finger print and passport scan will be taken. For people without U.S. citizenship or passport an eye scan will or may also be taken. The same questions that is on the paper will be presented or ask on a computer screen for your response. These questions must be answered to complete the process and to get a receipt for the traveler to present to the immigration officer at the time of clearing the border.

Airport such New York John F. Kennedy international are now using the digitalized U.S. declaration form. A great way to reduced the cost associated with acquiring and distributing the forms to each and every airline for their aircrafts that are authorized to enter and exit U.S. airports.

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