Cuba and America

Lighter sanctions for Cuba

Cuba and America

United States president announced changes to the lighter sanctions on Cuba, but what does all that means:

Freedom to for travel everyone?
A U.S. Embassy in Cub?
A Cuban Embassy in the U.S.?
A U.S. Ambassador to Cuba?
A Cuban Ambassador to the U.S.?
Freedom to spend money or remittances?
Freedom to trade goods?
Freedom to study?
Freedom to communicate?
Freedom to internet?
Freedom to American cable TV?
Freedom to be embargo free?
Freedom to be not demonized?
Freedom to share medical discoveries and expertise?
Freedom to invest?

Why all the questions, well it is because recently our U.S. president have just introduced easing of sanctions on Cuba. Approval have to be made by the approving parties before the 50 years of sanctions can be lightens. So we all have to wait see what happens.

Knowing that two largest communities New Jersey and Florida are controlled by Republican governors, could this move turn the table in favor of the Democrats in the next 2016 presidential election for:

1. J. Bush (R) Florida shows signs of interests in a presidential run in 2016.

2. C. Christie (R) New Jersey who almost everyone are saying would be a good fit for a 2016 presidential run.

The team was siting at a round the steering talk and an out the box thought was taken out, so here it is shared.

Here are some facts about Cuba, even-though the US have 50 years of sanctions and embargo on Cuba.
1. Cuba is 90 miles away from the US
2. Cuba have some of the best engineers in the world
3. Cuba have some of the best medical doctors in the world
4. Cuba sends 100s of medical doctors every year all over the world, from Haiti, Jamaica to Africa free at no cost to the receiving countries, year after year.

On spending this token whatever happenings with lightens of sanctions and embargo on Cuba, it is time to get your money, your passports, and your travel documents ready to go, if it is a GO on the embargo lighting, and if it is a NO-GO, at least you will have them ready for the next time a U.S. president try to do so.

As always for the dashboard of the team always remember to drive for yourself and each other.