There Is Pain From Sitting On Your Wallet


Pain from sitting on your wallet

Sitting on your wallet is bad for you!

A Wallet is an accessory that have been around for centuries. The wallet is carried by both males and females, mainly in the back pockets on either side. The wallet in the back pocket is causing men excessive back pain. There are available research which shows a growing numbers of men with lower back pain and wallet in the back pocket seems to be the cause. This long standing hobbit by men and women who sits their wallets in their back pants pockets are fund to be damaging the nerves in their back. This damaged nerves are casing excruciating back pain.

Therefore, we are urging that everyone both men and women to seized from carrying their wallets in their back pockets.

Wallet Carrying Suggestions:
1. Reduced the size of the wallet

2. Carry your wallet in your pocket instead

3. If you are wearing a jacket carry the in the pocket

4. Use a money clip with credit cards combination

This pain from carrying wallet in back pocket is named by researchers as the hip-pocket syndrome or wallet-neuropathy.

This hip-pocket syndrome or wallet-neuropathy in men or persons who drive for long persons with their wallets in their back trouser pocket seems to be more prone this health effect. This painful condition is caused by the wallet unbalancing the nerves in the back while seated. Doctors says over time this can cause “sciatica”, which can lead to pain or numbness in the leg, ankle or foot. Furthermore, relief of the pain are often done through “stand still.”

So practicing removing your wallet from your back packet, and as always from team always drive for yourself and for each other.