One, Two, Three Car Per Green Light

Wait for you Red Light

1, 2, or 3 Car per Red Light

All across the US, Drivers are seen the Red & Green light GO, particularly in areas where there are extreme needs to control the flow of vehicles moving in heavy traffic.

Municipalities where these traffic lights technology are been used, they turns the lights on  during rush hour. This traffic lighting system of a Red & Green light are sometimes called “Metered Traffic Lights.”

Whenever, the RED light is ON, you must Stop and wait until the Green light turns ON, which usually takes seconds.

Noticed                                                                                                                                                                               Motorists have to read the display sign that is associated with the specific “Metered Traffic Lights,” which may states “ONE, TWO, OR THREE CARS PER GREEN LIGHT.” As the RED light is switched ON and it is your turn, before you move on green count the number of cars that are ahead of you that is associated with the posted sign.

If One car moves on Green, and you are the next car to go the GO. If Two cars moves on Green, and you are the 2nd car in line then you must GO. If Three cars moves on Green, and you are the the 3rd car in line, then you must GO. All cars must move according to their traffic arrangements, whether directly in line or across from each other.

This “Metered Traffic Light” technology is new traffic patterns for some, but for others it is old moves. However or wherever, you fit in this driving equation you must pay full attention to to this driving rules. As always for the desk always drive for your self and for each other.