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AAA Sues To Stop NY & NJ Port Authority Toll Hikes

AAA Fight To Stop NY & NJ Port Authority Toll Hikes

AAA, the motorist’s roadside assistance servicer, have been doing so for decades. But today the AAA’s lawyers are now advocating to stop the TOLL HIKES at the NY and NJ bridges and tunnel again, which is scheduled for the coming year, 2015. The motorists who uses the New York and New Jersey Hudson by way of the tunnels or bridges are in the cross-airs of a $2.00 fair increased, which would raised the current toll rates to a total of $15.00.

The Show Down
According to media reports, AAA sued the Port Authority of NYC and NJ, for the continued TOLL Hikes for use in other projects around the states excepts for what the funds were designed to be used for, such as maintaining the bridges and tunnels. Although,  the two states New York and New Jersey governors have instituted certain tactics to protect them from adhering to AAA’s pressures or requests. AAA have found ways to let the two states’ governors move to action and heed to its request to turn over documents or halt the hikes, set for 2015.

What Can We Do?
We all just have to wait and see how this law suit AAA put forth  against the two states and their Port Authority TOLL HIKES plays out though close media monitoring, if the media do anything at all.

Few Questions
Why should the motorists foot the bill to the new trade center? What will the people who drives delivery turks do if this toll hike should go through?