London Telephone Box Out Solarbox In, Thanks To Mobile Phones


London old Telephone boxes turn Solarbox

Can you all remember when all you have to make phone calls was a box that you had to put coins in and wait for an operator to connect the call for you?

All around the world where these telephone boxes or booths are still exists in the public, citizens are finding creative ways to keep them alive. Prior to now the London Solarbox, there was the NYC old pay phone boxes which have been transformed into free Wi-Fi hots spots, so everyone, especially tourists can stay connected on the go without incurs excessive data charges on their mobile devices.

Several thousands of the UK phone boxes will be transformed into well equipped, Greened Out, and Free mobile charging boxes, for anyone to use. While a users are waiting for their phones to be charged, there will be and according to reports: computer monitors with adds and entertainments.

So travellers whether you live in the or just visiting the London, and your mobile need a bit of battery boost, just stop by one the Greened Out or Solarbox for a quick charge up at no cost.

Remember this because an item is old, doesn’t mean it needs to me throw away, and as always travel where ever you can and make the best out of where you go.