NYC Phone Box Transforming Into Free WiFi Box for the Public

NYC reinventing pay phone boxes

NYC transforming old pay phone boxes into free Wi-Fi for all

The previous NYC Mayor Bloomberg about a year asked New Yorkers to create an alternative way to use the old NYC pay phone boxes or booths. The idea is to provide Internet access points through Wi-Fi technology, and at the same time presents an ad space, 311 access, and other emergency call services for everyone to see and use. A very good idea as discussed with the team, where someone somewhere find it necessary to dust off the dusty master piece to revealed its shining beauty.

 The NYC city’s officials mainly the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications are now planning on transforming the old pay phones into fee “citywide Wi-Fi network and state-of-the-art information hubs.”

There are thousands of the old pay phone boxes that could really use the free Wi-Fi set up, and so they will in time. The previous Mayor stated the PPB to FWFB and the NYC current Mayor de Blasio is committed to see the  free Wi-Fi pay phone box project through if all goes well.

From the keyboard of the teams great job to the mayors for turning over a new leaf in an old book. One thing we at would like to add is that these boxes should and must be powered by solar powered and battery backup systems for night time usages.