Jamaicas Dunns River Falls A Must See While On The Island!

Jamaica got water falls

Dunns River Falls Jamaica

Dunns River Falls Jamaica one of world’s best waterfalls.  If you need tickets to Dunns River Falls it cost about $20/US a person,  but if you have  a Jamaican ID such as a drivers license toy will pay only $6/US.  So don’t show your Jamaican past port or your TRN card, because those identifications wont get you the 70% discount. Note this also the if it is 10 of you in your group, all 1o individual have to have the Jamaican ID.

Just a small specs of the fall has a height of about 600 feet of constant falling water with stone steps for hiking along the water trails. The stony trails of steps can be slippery, and the falls do provide footwear designed for walking on the slippery stones for a small fee. You can bring your own, if you have one that is recommended for the watery trails.

Don’t  worry the Jamaican Dunns River Falls trail Guides will guide and educate you along the trails. One of the best way to climb the falls is with a group of people holding hands in what is called the daisy chain.

When you are not climbing the falls let your ears taste the Island’s fine music, lick your fingers at a restaurant, or jerk chicken huts, and if you feel like eloping just dash to the falls gazebo for you joining of matrimony.

After you get wet, and you belly full, make sure you get some of Jamaican  finest memory done through beautiful crafts. Smile don’t let them force you too buy what you don’t want to by, and yes you will buy something, think about it you are in Jamaica, the land of wood and water.
As always from the cDrivers team, remember to always enjoy your time with each other, because you only get to live once.