Ebola, What Travelers Need To Know Before They Go!


Ebola travel bans!

With the Ebola outbreak moving like fresh breeze, travelers needs to be aware that if they are traveling from a country that is affected by the virus outbreak, the country that they are going to may not allow them to enter their destination country, even if they are from that country. Governments are doing their best to contain this Ebola virus outbreak, and this ban is one of the many steps they have taken in the process of virus elimination.

Therefore, before book your flight and plane, buy a ticket for a train, boat, or bus, or drive a car to another country, you should call the you destination port authority to check the status of their travel ban.

Here is a list of some of the countries with current bans for travelers from Ebola-affected countries such as Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.:

1. Jamaica

2. Colombia

3. Guyana

4. St. Lucia

The United States, have not issued any ban travel from epidemic-stricken West Africa. However, the US have activated special screening teams at its international airports such as EWR, JFK, WAS, and CHI. As government are doing their part to secured their borders, you must do your part to keep you and the people around you safe as possible.

As always from the cDrivers team remember to always live for yourself and each others.