New Jersey Residents New Road Test Wait Time Change For New Drivers!


The new time limit for drivers, after passing their New Jersey new driver’s written test. Individual who have taken and pass the New Jersey driver’s written test will be given a 90 days/3 months time frame, with a specific test date and location, which the individual have selected at the time of the road test scheduling.

Must do at the time of road test scheduling:

1. Make sure you chose a road test location that is feasible for you.

2. Make sure you find a reputable and qualified driving school/instructor to start
the drivers road test practising.

3. Some driving schools/instructors have road test cost packages, but you may
have ask for it. These road practice tests should include the road test. You can
try this one DrivingLesson at 973.878.8227, mention to get the
best deal possible.

4. Practice as much as you can, by doing as many different types of driving
conditions as available such as:
a. Sunny and dry or normal road condition to get an initial feel for

b. Rainy and wet road condition to get feel for proper following
distance,  use of wipers, headlights, and what to do when the car
wind-shield and windows fags up.

c. Snow and snowed covered road condition to get a feel for proper
following distance, use of wipers, headlights, and slippery road
defensive driving.

d. Note: In cool, cold or weather conditions, the wind-shield and
windows  will fag up sometime even when you have cracked or
open a window. However, if this occurs while you are driving
one thing to do is to turn on the front defroster and make sure
the air system is on vent not circulation.

e. Night driving condition, to get a feel of using your headlight high
and low beams, and driving in oncoming traffic.

f. Finally, highway driving to get a feel of driving at 55 or 65 MPG, do
some lane changes, and vehicle passing.

5. Take every advantages of the road practice testing opportunities, so you can past your road test, by parallel parking, K-Turning, following distance, speed control and stopping at stop signs and stop lights.

As always from the desk of the, always remember to drive for yourself and each other.