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New York City Crosswalk upgrade

Crosswalks in NYC

NYC streets will be getting some more up to date pedestrian’s crosswalk signalling system. This new pedestrian crosswalk technology is not new to New York or other parts of the state or the world for that matter. NYC DOT wants to make more of it’s streets safer for all pedestrians no matter who they are or what’s their physical or mental capabilities. So NYC DOT will be adding more audible crosswalk signals to help visually impaired while providing more sounds and alerts for every one.

The new crosswalk systems will also be equiped with vibrating technology for the hearing impaired pedestrians. The pedestrian cross walk can also sends audible messages for when it is safe for a pedestrian to cross when he or she pushes a crosswalk button when available. Some systems may also emits a clicking or hissing sound so it can be found by pedestrians.

This is another great way the state of New York is looking out for the health and safety of those who walks, runs, rides, drives, works or play in it’s cities.

You can check out some of those new pedestrian cross walk technology at 7th Avenue and West 23rd Street which ranked as one of the most dangerous intersection few years back in New York city. Because of this the NYC DOT trying their best to implement safety redesign that reduced crossing distances and with dedicated turning lanes for bettet traffic movements in an effort to reduce pedestrian and vehicle confusions.

Great job New York on yor safer pedestrian crosswalk initiative and as always from the driver seat at whether you walk,  run, ride, drive or fly do it for yourself and each other.