New Smart Wheel Booting System for NYC Parking Violation!


Smart booting system going statewide!

Smart Boot, PayLock Booting

A new way to get motorist who owed unpaid parking violation to pay up. A system uses a locking system call Smart Lock offered by a company known as PayLock.

PayLock a New Jersey based firm that acquired a $70 million 5 years no-bid contract to run the automobile smart boot system.

The smart boot system is not flaws proof, but what better way to fixed the flaws than to test it the way it is to be used.

The smart boot program is carry out by a Marshal who will scan the licenses plate number, verify that the plate a car has a monetary of bout $350, then the Marshal will authorize PayLock agents to boot vehicle wheel that is of concerns.

The motorist after discovering that their vehicle’s wheel have been booted with one of the smart booting system can then call a 1-866-404-6373 toll-free number like this one to get information and pay his or her parking debt immediately by credit or check or debit card. The PayLock customer service representative who conducts the transaction and all payments have been received, will then give him or her a code to self-release the smart boot.

However, if the motorist is unable to make a payment over the phone then he or can visit the city municipality payment center for automobile violation and pay his or her outstanding fines and fees in cash, then get the release code. Please note this process will take the longest with the most hassle.

Here is a suggestion if you don’t have a check, credit or debit card. First you will call the number listed on the smart boot instruction label to see what is the total of your automobile violation debt. You can then visit a department store where they sells prepaid debit cards and purchase one to conduct the over the phone automobile violation debt and smart boot release transactions. You may also need to purchase $100 or more on the card just in case it cost more when you are ready to pay the debt.

Here is small debt calculation in approximations, you can keep in mind for instance a debt of $355 in parking tickets, will takes an additional $180 for PayLock’s smart boot service fee, then an additional $70 for a Marshal’s smart boot application service fee, then an additional smart boot poundage fee of 5% of the total debt which is about $30. Please note also that all credit card payments will sustain a smart boot convenience fee. The debt base total is about $655, just about the same amount it or much less than it would cost for towing and retrieval of a vehicle.

It would be much less because of few reasons: you would have take taxi to the station or automobile towing and releasing authorities. Have all up to date documents for the vehicle. Pay the fines get a release authorization. Here you can see how smart booting option would be your most convenience choice.

I know the towing companies will be loosing business, but business is business! Right?

Here is where the smart booting service could more costly. lf a motorist fails to pay their automobile’s violation debt and smart booting fines within two days. The booted vehicle will be towed at $180 and charged the $180 booting fee also.

Once a smart booting code has been issued the motorist has 24 hours to take the smart boot to a city payment center or face additional penalties of $25 per day and topped out at about $500 according to media sources.

To prevents situation like please pay your automobile violations debt on time and as always please drive for yourself and each other.