In-car Emotion Detector could be coming to a Car near You!


In car emotion technology!

In car emotion detector!


Our fellow European automotive safety researcher engineers have developed a facial expressions and recognition technology that uses camera to capture all activities then generate a result of the face it detects. This facial emotion recognition technology uses some of the most advanced emotion detection algorithms to display a driver’s mode while they are operating a motor vehicle on road. The system has about seven different modes Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happy, Neutral, Sad and Surprise, but the most important of all the modes is the Anger mode which signifies road rage.

The anger mode in the system shows when a motorist is irritated and may become an aggressive driver.

Anger and driving does not go together, because it could lead to an automobile accident. This emotion detection technology can also be used to detect when a driver is fatigue. The system is designed to alert the driver when it detects certain unsafe mode in a motorist while he or she operating a motor vehicle.

According to the EPFL’s Signal Processing 5 Laboratory (LTS5) and PSA Peugeot Citroen, the emotion detection technology is a prototype that is comprised of an infrared camera installed on the dashboard and computer vision software.

The final design of the emotion detection technology I am sure will have more features and emotion added to it when it is release to the public. However, until then continue to drive for yourself and each other.