Smog Over Paris Leads To Odd and Even License Plates Days!


Smog over Paris with police enforcing odd and even days for license plates!

Smog over Paris causes odd and even days of driving!


As air pollution from vehicle in Paris gets worsens the authorities are forced to implement an alternate vehicle’s license system. This new system allows vehicles to be driven on odd and even days, for example Sunday is an even day and Monday is an odd day in the week.

For decades of monitoring Europe’s pollution it is the highest it has been at about 180 micrograms of PM10 particulates per cubic meter.

Consequently because of the high levels pollution drivers in Paris are only allowed to use their vehicles every other day going forward until French see otherwise.

However, free to the public offered for those in need, bicycle and electric vehicle and carpooling are strongly recommended as alternate means transportation according to media reports.

Numerous French police officers are been mobilized to ensure that only vehicles including motorcycles with number plates ending in odd digit or letter for (Sun, Tue, Thu, Sat) and even digit for (Mon, Wed, Fri) are on the roads.

All electric and hybrid cars are exempted from the odd and even plate number restrictions as well as any carpooling vehicle carrying three or more passengers.

However, as pollution rises countries are pushed to make drastic changes to their public transportation emission system. About years ago London had to implement a congestion charges for vehicle entering in certain city areas as a means of reducing drive time and pollution.

So Paris is not the first large city to ever implement such vehicle on road techniques, that some motorist will say it will not work or it is a waste of time, but whether or not the French motorists see this new travel restriction as beneficial. Everyone will soon have to agree at some point, that something needs to be done to stem the current high levels of air pollution blanketing their many cities.