GM Recalls For 2014!


GM recall for 2014!

GM 2014 Recall

Is GM Cars That Were Killing and Injuring People, Which Just Got The Official Recall Recognition a Evidence of Corporate Ignorance or Just Negligence?

GM has finally activated a long overdue vehicle recall. Yes long overdue because there is a possibility of evidence going back 7 plus years.

The situation that warrants the current General Motors vehicle recall is of the Chevy Cobalt with key switching off ignition during the moving of the vehicle. Evidence shows that more than ten motorists have died due to air bag and ignition failures.

As a driver you know what can and will happens when a vehicle’s ignition key is turned off especially unexpectedly. However, if you don’t know what can happen if an ignition is inadvertently turned off during the moment of a car, here is a possible list of things that can happen:

1. Power failure means everything stops except the horns, brake, parking, head and emergency flashing lights.

2. Engine stoppage or stalled means no power steering or brake control.

3. Air bag failure means no internal body protection during a vehicle collision.

4. Brake failure means stopping a vehicle during movement could be impossible.

5. Steering failure could means it is the end for the controlling of a vehicle during its movement.

6. Turn signal failure means you may have to provide signal manually for your vehicle’s direction.

7. Power window failure means your vehicle’s windows is unable to open or close.

What to do if your vehicle’s power fails!

1. Don’t PANIC

2. Put EMERGENCY flashers ON

3. Move gear shift leaver to NEUTRAL position.

4. Try to TURN the ignition key back ON

5. If the ignition key faild to TURNED ON keep calm and call 911.

Futhermore, if you own any GM’s vehicles contact auto maker. Please note that the contact information for the manufacturer of your vehicle can be found in your automobile’s users manual. Also more exspanded information can be found online at NHTSA  for these vehicles:

Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac G5 compact cars from model years 2005 through 2007. Last week, it added 842,103 Saturn Ion compact cars from 2003 through 2007 model years, Chevy HHR midsized vehicles from 2006 and 2007, and the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky sports cars from 2006 and 2007.

However, if your vehicle is due for a recall the General Motors Corporation should send you a letter notifying you of such issue and its path to resolution free of charge to you. You can also take your car to your local GM dealer and asked if your vehicle is due for a recall. From your team all the best with your recalls and as always please drive for yourself and each other.