Don’t Block Drive Way

Keep driveway clear

Do not block a driveway!

Blocking a drive way could be just for a quick stop to ringing a door bell or to alert someone or a quick dash into a store to pick up something or just siting in your vehicle, a condition known as “No Standing.” Although, this may seems OK to do, this could be very costly stop.

A motorist’s vehicle could be ticketed and towed away, for as much as $500 or more depending on where a vehicle is towed to or from and the time of day. If it is a holiday it could cost even more.

So motorists when you parked your vehicles you should take care not to block someone’s driveway. Some property owner tried to prevent the blocking of their driveway, by putting paint on the curb of their driveways and putting signs on or near there properties, sometimes in various languages.