Cross Walk Upgrade

High Tech Cross Walks!

Cross Walk Upgrades!

New pedestrian cross walk technology are been implementing in Newark and around the State of New Jersey. The cross walk devices are equipped with a solar charging and powering system, amber strobe lights, audible sound and voice alert with instruction, a push button operation and posted instructions.

Pedestrians are been advised to press the walk activation button whenever they need to cross the street. Once the walk button is press there is two pairs of high intensity amber strobe lights that fladhes untill the pedestrian crosses the street completely.

Motorists must take to stop for pedestrian in crosswalk even when there are no flashing lights, because it is the law New Jersey and other States to Stop for pedestrian in crosswalk. Pedestrians should make sure it is safe to cross before they walk out into the street.

From cDrivers to its members and readers please take care to use the roadways for yourself and each other.