NJ Pedestrian Rule

Stop for pedestrian is the Law in New Jersey. However, cities have the rights to charge violators specific fines and add different sets of points to violator driver’s license.

City such as Montclair, New Jersey, has a neon billboard with a $250.00 fine and 2 points for any motorists who are caught breaking the State’s stop for pedestrian’s law. All motorists should note that the fine and point is not as bad as if you actually hit someone crossing the street.

So please scan a head and make sure you are prepared to stop for pedestrian in crosswalk in Montclair or in other parts of the country.

However, one of the discovered issues with this stop for pedestrian law is that because some pedestrians know that a motorist must stop for them when they are in the street. Pedestrians often times just walk out into the street without looking whether there is a walk sign or crosswalk.

This situation can also be even more dangerous, because pedestrians are seen constantly on mobile phones and are also wearing noise cancelling earphones, where they can’t hear an automobile’s engine or horn if it is blown as it approaches them.

With all the things that are stocked up against a motor vehicle driver, he or she must always drive defensively and be ready to stop for pedestrian in the street.

So with that said please as always drive for yourself and each other.