Google Street View Car

Maps with Google

Google maps

Have you ever stopped to think where the mapping data and images came from?

Well think no more cDrivers is bringing you the street on how the Google guys have done and are updating their existing mapping systems, by the use of their Google Street Mapping Car.

This Google Street Car is equipped with on board computer and multiple imaging devices which are capable of capturing images from various angles, while the vehicle is moving.

A top of the Google Street Car is the many eyes of the high resolution cameras which captures in 360 degrees. If you ask who took this photo of this Google street machine? We at cDrivers would have to take a plea on that answer. Let’s just say that you see who the Google guys are busy at work for the world to move easier, whether by browsing the internet or traveling to a place you have never been or know how to get to.

Something to know about the statement of “we don’t really know your address, just your coordinates,” your coordinates is more precise than your address.

Take a note of the image below of the compass which shows the coordinates of a specific area.


GPS Coordinates

If you have a GPS device that can take the inputs of some specific coordinates, then your address can be found, by a drone.