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One of the latest cracked scheme by Jamaican police forces involving public passenger vehicles (PPV) owners. PPV owners have always been using the loop hole of using a single vehicle road licence, to operate multiple vehicles. This loop hole practices have ended in June continued to be enforced by the many police operations.

There deadline for all PPV owners to seized their multiple PPV operation from the use of one license practices was June 30, 2013. They are to legitimately licenses all their required vehicles by order of the Jamaican Transport Authority.

All PPV owners should know that all routes are offered to first time applicants of the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region (KMTR) and the Jamaican Urban Transit Company.
Some of regions includes Manor Park, Papine and Eleven Miles in St. Andrew and Central Village in St. Catherine.

PPV owners should follow the same established process in order to submit their documents for road licences to the Jamaican Transportation authority. This process includes submitting copies of the vehicles registration, fitness and insurance certificates, tax registration number, proof of address, identification card and L-form for all vehicles.

PPV owners are encouraged to call the Jamaican Transport Authority at 1-888-991-5687 for answers to questions or for any additional information.