Licenses Plate Reader

Your car are being tracked!

Licenses plate reader!

You are being tracked by your government whether you are law abiding or not….Police Departments across the United States are not equipped with the new license-plate reader which scan 2,500 or more license plates in a flash. Most of these license plate readers are purchased from a company call Vigilant Solutions of Livermore, California, for a price tag of about $23,000.00 each.

The license readers are equipped with cameras that are mounted on designated police department vehicles. They are also mounted on traffic light poles.

The cameras checks oncoming vehicles, checks vehicles that are parked or in the slow lane. The cameras are equipped with infra-red technologies for scanning license plates at night.

All police department license reading systems are capable of taking screen shots of a vehicle and it’s plate, with the latitude and longitude, date and time, which is usually linked to the dedicated police cars on-board computer or to a central command center computer, where data can be reviewed.

When a vehicle’s plate is scanned that has a discrepancy, the plate reader will alarm, flashes a light and a voice will indicate the discrepancy. The display screen will show if a vehicle registration is expired, vehicle has been reported stolen or involved in a crime, or whether the owner has an expired or suspended license or has a warrant.

Although the license plates scanners may be use to catch criminal they are not exempt from public scrutiny.