NJDriver’s License Can Now be Renewed by Mail!

Mail-in your NJDL for renewal

New Jersey DL can now be mailed-in!

New Jersey Drivers License can now be mailed-in for renewals just like the NJ vehicle registration card.

The registration mail-in renewal option can saves time, money and is very convenient, because the NJMVC will mailed the renewal forms two to three weeks before the vehicle registration renewal.

The renewal can be done on-line once you received your renewal form, which is usually comes with a pin number that is needed for the on-line process to work. It cost $2.50 for shipping and handling, which worth every penny, you ask me how about I feel about paying the extra. Most of all though there are no 6 points required only your payment and within days your new document will be in your mail box.

If you are one of those drivers who are already conducting your New Jersey vehicle registration by mail, then you are more likely to be eligible to get your driver’s license renewed by mail or on-line. The NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) will also be mailing renewal for non-driver IDs.

The renewal process required that a driver or individual mail in all required documentation for their new signed photo ID, using their exiting photo and signature on file. The mailing process between the NJMVC and the applicant should take about 10 business days after receipt of all required documents and payments.

Please do not wait until the last minute to of their renewal month to renew by mail, because if it takes about 10 business days to complete the entire mail-in renewal process and you mailed your form at the month. You will be with an expired ID until the your documents gets back to you. So remember no lats minute renewal mail-in.

Notice: New Jersey residents who have a Commercial Driver License (CDL) or Graduated Driver License (GDL), driver’s license suspension (DLS), Temporary Visa Restriction (TVR), boat license or boat endorsement may have to visit the NJMVC if new photo and signature are required. In addition those who are required to have an ignition interlocking device on their vehicle may not be eligible to do renewal by mail.