Driving to Canada

Get a Nexus pass

Nexus the new to travel to and from Canada, Mexico and the US.

Going to Canada form the United States could be easy as 1-2-3, but could also be not so easy if you don’t properly prepared for your visit.

Why The NEXUS Pass Worth having?
The NEXUS pass worth having because if you are a frequent traveler, especially one who driver a personal or commercial vehicles can clear the borders in an express manner.

So what exactly is NEXUS?
Crossing in and out of the neighboring countries to the U.S. by driving an automobile and clearing the Borders in Nexus style: The NEXUS U.S. and Canada’s travel pass is designed to provide an express clearing of those three the borders. To be eligible one has to apply to be a low-risk and pre-approved traveler to and from Canada and United States.

How To Acquire a NEXUS pass?
To get a NEXUS pass you have to fill out the application and pay the fee of $50 (CAN or US). Information about the NEXUS pass is at http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/prog/nexus/menu-eng.html.

You may also get more information and service from third party NEXUS service providers who may offer services for filing NEXUS applicants application. Please note that when third party processing of services there may extra charges and other processing fees and are not regulated by the NEXUS authority.

The application process goes like this; After you have applied and you have received an application pre-approval notice. You will get instruction on how to set up an appointment for your NEXUS interview. In the interview don’t be intimidated by your interviewing officer who may or will ask you various questions. After you have answer all the questions and meet all the requirements you will be asked to take a photograph for your NEXUS pass.

When you get your NEXUS pass congratulations and then you are ready to travel with ease as follows:
If you are traveling by an airline the process for clearing the US and Canadian Customs is that a NEXUS traveler would use a predesignated expedited line with retina scan and follow all required processes.

If you are traveling by driving there are also designated NEXUS line at the US and Canadian borders. The process my require you to scan your RFID NEXUS card at a reader and then answer a few questions by a border control Officer, once you are you through you are on your way in minuets of if not seconds.

Go on visit the website above or go to the Global Online Enrollment System (GOES).

Enjoy your travel and drive safe for you and each other!