New York Bike Share Program!

Take a Bus, take a Train, take a Taxi and now take a Bike!

Share a bike in NYC

The long time coming New York City Bike Share program, like in other countries in Europe around the world is now in full effect as of memorial day May, 2013.

According to various media reports, on the day bike share program started more than 10,000 riders have signed up to try out the new bikes. The bikes that are apart of this New York bike share program has 3 speeds, self powered light that illuminates once the bikes are in motion and the tires are nitrogen filled for better inflation stability.

The main reason for the nitrogen is that it is less likely to migrate through tire rubber than is compress air (oxygen), therefore the bike tire pressures will remain more stable over the longer period of time. You go NYC included bike technologies are scientifically proven.

The sharing of the bikes required that all members adhere to the bikes rules of the New York city streets. The authority will be issuing summons to violators of the bike rules.

The rates and procedures for using the bike share program are as follows: There are three options: a 24-Hour Pass is ($25.00+tax), a 7-Day Pass is ($9.95+tax), or an Annual Membership of ($95.00+tax). A bike member can ride as many times as they want during their purchase pass periods. All short term rentals are included in the base price of rides up to 30 minutes for 24-Hour and 7-Day Passe purchases or for Annual Memberships it is 45 minutes.

There are also overtime charges for riders who go over their allowable ride time. See the CitiBike web site for more details.

Go online and check out some of their bike share parking locations and be safe when you ride or drive.