Eurail or Global Pass For Traveling Europe

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Will you be going to Europe and would like tour different countries such as Germany, Italy or France?

Here is one way you can do this! You can visit raileurope and purchase European EurailPass. Your railpass can also be use to get discounts on other rail or transportation services while you are touring Europe.

Must Do While You are Making Your Railpass Reservation:
Whenever, you are ready to purchase your Eurailpass, make sure your purchase a protection plan for a small fee of about $30.00. Why is purchasing a Eurailpass travel plan important? If for any reason you have to cancel your Eurailpass, your protection may help you save on rescheduled your trip for a later date.

After you get your Railpass travel package, please review your documents carefully and also please, please read the FINE PRINTS.

If for any reason you would like to contact Raileurope her is a telephone number you can call from the United States 1-800-438-7245, but the BEST ways to contact them I found is through email at

So before you leave for Europe visit their site at