After an Automobile Accident Your Mobile Phone Records is Opens to Investigation


New Jersey Don’t Drive and Text

The days of mobile phone usages while operating an automobile is almost coming to an end, bit by bit through the enactment of various bills.

This latest New Jersey bill will allow law enforcement to check your mobile phone records during the event of an automobile accident without a warrant.

However, the fact still remain that motorists will still use their Mobile phone while driving an automobile. If someone should asked why is this a fact? This is why think of drinking and driving and how motorists still do it today, even with the seriousness of the results could be.

When one think of the road laws with the initials DWI or DUI, the first thing that comes to mine is, will and should be imprisonment and lost of all driver’s privileges. But that’s the least compared to lost of injuries or lost of lives.

All motorist in New Jersey and in other States please don’t let your next automobile accident caused by your illegal usages of a mobile phone while driving.