Rent A Car And Save!

Your choice your savings

Rent a car and save

If you are going on a short or long trip, would like to rent a car and at the same time save some money.

Here is a little hint that many of you may or may not have known, because the car rental company representative may or may not inform you of the option of using your existing private auto insurance on the new renter car, instead of purchasing the renter car company insurance. This is how it usually works, if you have full coverage, plus car rental on your insurance coverage then you should be able to use this option of transferring the coverage to your renter car without buying the car rental company insurance. This car renter insurance coverage transfer option can save as little as $20.00, off your total car rental per day.

This insurance transfer option works well with Enterprise Car Rental, but you would have to check with the other car rental companies to see if they honor such insurance transferable option since everyone are trying to get the most money out of all car rental transaction.
We at cDrivers always give credit where credit is due. To Enterprise’s credits, you can also save on taxi fare with Enterprise car Rental Company, because one of their agents will pick you up so you can get your vehicle and bring you back to your home or office after you have returned your renter car.

Here is another great way to travel and save with and be safe out there look out for yourself and each other.