Power Up in the Village of South Orange New Jersey!

EV power up in the village

South Orange, Electric Vehicle’s charging station

The Village of South Orange are now making electric vehicle charging station available to its motorists at their Down Town NJ Transit Station. Therefore, if you are riding through South Orange in your electric vehicle and needs recharging the follow their charging station sign to the train station parking area.

There parking spots available for your electric vehicles and one of space is for EV use only. The premium parking rate for the spots is $1.00/hour, which includes the cost of vehicle charging up if needs be. You can make your payment for the parking spots with a South Orange Smart Card, a system that was recently installed by their Parking Authority.

Now here comes that hard question. Guess who is behind this electric vehicle charging station South Orange? The New Jersey/Wal-Mart is the company supporting the installations of the electric vehicle charging system. Anyone smell the smoke or see the small smoke now to a huge fire later! I wonder are in South Orange are the trying or thinking of putting a Wal-Mart.

Maybe this is just a way of preserving the life’s continuance of the electric vehicles and the dying of fuel combustion engine vehicles.

Have you ever seen the documentry “Who Killed The Electric Car?” If you have not seen it, then you should! It should be on online, so go and take a look.

Did you know that Hybrid vehicles are not fully electric? Why is this? It is because the vehicle’s battery and charging system have to be charged by the fuel stored in the fuel tank. So if you are planning on buying a Hybrid vehicle then you must planned to stop at fuel station to get fuel for your vehicle charging system.

Did you know that Toyota made a 100% no fuel vehicle, but is hardly seen any where, because (…)? This “First generation Toyota RAV4 EV (XA10)” was made long before the Toyota Pryus Hybrid vehicle, the cars that every automobile manufacturers are making now trying to keep up with the world’s go green initiatives. Well is this too late or it is always better later than never? For this too, we will see!