New Jersey EZ/I-pass in Car Device Redesign!


If you are a resedent of the New Jersey Tri-state area, who uses a prepaid toll device, known as the EZ or I Pass? Then you should know that the EZ-pass agency are now issuing a new redesign to their in car toll paying device.

This newly redesign toll passes seems to have been done with no concederation for the current or previously issued device or their application flexibilities with third parties windshield holders. Some customers who have purchased EZ or I pass holders from third party company will have to find way to make the new toll device work or just discard it altogether.

This is one of the many observations by EZ or I pass customers, when the new toll paying devices in other states Florida and Maryland, where their toll paying devices are much more lighter, more compact and more eco-friendly.

After an analysis of the new and previously issued told devices. The newly redesign toll paying device seems to be at the same weight or maybe even heavier.

One question toll device maker why changed the design if it is not for the customers, then change it for our environment?