Homeless You Have Home in the NJ Transit Terminals

Homeless finds home at train station

New Jersey Homeless

The New Jersey Transit authority is providing better accommodations for the homeless who stays in its terminals. Some of those have been living in some of the stations for more than ten years.

Why is this long stay in the NJ Transit station possible by the homeless? Here is why, NJ Transit stations are considered public spaces. Therefore, the NJ Transit Police can not arrest or ask the homeless leave stations.

However, a homeless person can not lay on the floor and sleep or even sit on the bench where regular traveling passengers, unless they, the homeless person have a valid bus or train pass or ticket.

The homeless know this valid ticket option is available, so most of them take advantage of it. But who can blame them though? No one, when you have free food, tea, coffee, heat in the winter, air condition in the summer, 24/7 police security, access to hot and cold water and flushable toilets all year round.

So citizens of the world take a paragraph from the homeless living book, when or if you ever become homeless.


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