Important Information for Boston New Posted Street Sweeping

Make note if the Boston new street cleaning

Boston Street Cleaning

Boston’s Mayor Thomas M. Menino has implemented daytime neighborhood street cleaning program that had officially started on April 1st, 2013. The mayor’s new Neighborhood Street Cleaning Program has updated street sweeping days in various neighborhoods. This new changes is to better align the sweeping schedule with trash and recycling days in an effort to boost the impact of the City’s cleanup services and to reduce trash litter this residential neighborhoods.

However, Night Street Cleaning program are mainly conducted in sections of the Downtown area and in some main thoroughfares city-wide. Please note that parking regulations are always in effect unless otherwise posted.

The cleaning of the streets in your Boston area depends on the sweeping schedules and weather conditions associated with these roadways.

Boston residents please follow the street’s cleaning rules in the specific area on their specific days.

For more information visit Boston and search for the schedules for your street sweeping days, to see when parking restrictions take effect, so your car wont be ticketed. You can also find schedules by street name, or by a combination of neighborhood and day. All your search results are presented by District (which approximates a neighborhood), Side (odd/even), and Section (for longer streets chopped up by cross streets).

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You can also register for No-Tow email reminders after your search is completed on the Boston City Hall website.