New ID Requirement to Conduct Business in Jamaica


TRN and ID in Jamaica

Jamaican ID

As of 2009, your old ID will no longer be valid to conduct any legal businesses in Jamaica. Therefore, if you are abroad and need to conduct any businesses that is require a proof of Jamaican identification, then you must get a new up to date ID and or a Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN).


A TRN card or the number of the issued card is required to conduct governmental business, such as clearing any cargo from the Jamaican shipping port, opening new accounts and so on. However, to get a new identification in Jamaica you will first have to acquired a TRN, because a TRN number is most likely need to be place on your new ID, such as you driver’s license.


Getting a TRN is Quite Simple:

Please note anyone who are applying for a Taxpayers Registration Number see bellow:

1. Only original and certified copies of documents are accepted

2. Need one valid ID (Driver’s license, National ID or Passport)

3. If the National ID is used, you also need to provide a certified copy of your birth certificate

4. Applicants using Birth Certificate and a certified photograph for ID must submit their application in person.

5. Return completed Form 1 to Taxpayer Registration Centre (TRC) or nearest Collectorate with supporting documents.

See forms here JRS  with instruction on how to complete the form for a TRN card.

If you are applying for a TRN card for your organization the see JRS.

For Organization application these are some of the documents that are needed:

1. Certificate of Incorporation

2. Constituting Documents

3. NIS Reference Card

4. NIS Clearance Letter

5. Business Name Registration Certificate

Needing Information 

Please note the information provided including website links may change at anytime, for a more up to date information visit or call (876) 922-1291 or (876) 924-9147


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