Russian Dash Cam For Every Vehicle

You must have dash cams when driving in Russia

Dash cams in Russia is a must have

Russian Motorists are using dash cams as a tool to help their fights against Russia’s notoriously corrupt traffic police as well as against scammers who maybe trying to extort money from them.

The dash cams records everything that happens in the view os the cams and around the equipped vehicle. This film data are essential in many cases for Russian motorists. This dash cams installation have brought great joy to the anti-corruption activists who have been rejoicing due to the current achieved results.

Aleksei Dozorov, a Russian activist with the Blue Bucket Brigade states that “You can get into your car without your pants on, but never get into a car without a dash cam.”

A dash cam cost about 6,000-ruble ($191), and worth every penny. This 6,000-ruble can save you that much or more in an unfair traffic ticket charges.

Some Russians even installed the dash cams on their scooters.

The bottom line in Russia is that dash cams are a great benefits in an accident or road incidents, with scammers and with

corrupted police office.

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