Some Phone Apps for Your Daily Travel

trans appYour smart phone can be more use to you in your daily travel lives if you add the right apps for your transportation needs. You can get any one or more of the apps from the list below:

The NYC Subway app offers users official MTA maps, schedules, directions, service information, and much more useful travel tips. So install this New York MTA app and travel NYC like a pro.

The NJ Transit app lets it users travel with confidence, with the ability to check transit time and delays if any. Try the app and see for yourself.

Get the Path Train app that lead you though the path of safe and reliable travel, especially if you are a regular path train rider.

Do you have a phone that is smart enough to use an app and live, work or play in the Washington DC area? Well why not try the DC Metro app? It can make your travel a bit easier if you have the metro app installed on you phone.

Shy Town riders you have a Chicago CTA app that can be very useful for those of you who have a smart phone and are willing to be up-to-date with the latest travel technology.

Metrolink app is another useful app for those who dear to try it out.

Those of you who ride on Metro-North. Why not ride with access to live Metro-North info with the long available Metro-North app?

SEPTA commuter rail is the philadelphia passenger transportation and the have the SEPTA app.

Do you like riding with Metra transportation? Why not track them with their Metra app while you are at it?

Any one from Los Angeles and travel on the LA Metro transportation? Well hop on the LA Metro app and find out when exactly is the next one coming your way.

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