Wait One Second Before You Go on Green

Wait before you go on green light

Wait One Second

Red Light means that you as a motorist or pedestrian must STOP and stay STOP until you get a green light to proceed. Stopping on Red light must also be done with consideration for the cross walk where  pedestrians have to cross. Your vehicle should not block a cross walk especially where children or disable pedestrians have to cross the road ways.

Amber Light means the Red Light is about to come ON, which mean you should do what you must safely.  Some motorists try to speed up or hit their brakes when they see an Amber light. But you have to  do what is safe for you and other motorists, because stopping could cause someone to rear end your vehicle.

When you are approaching an Amber light you have to used your defensive driving skills, you have acquired during your drivers practices. A few good hobbit to follow are to scan the intersection for other motorists and pedestrians; look in your rear-view mirror for other vehicle who may not be able to stop it you do.

Green Light means you as a motorist or pedestrian can GO, but be cautious wait 1-second before you proceed. This one second you wait could be the reason why a crash was prevented. Why is this important? Because when a light changed to green in your direction, someone may be trying to beat the Amber to Red light in their direction. This is especially important when you have in-climate weather or if it is an oversize vehicle such as a tractor trailer.

Although, we want to get where we are going, it is more important to get there than not to get there because of an accident. Always make the right move safely that benefits every one.


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