Head Over Heels In Your Car!

cdrivers_slide1Often times people don’t think about their shoes before entering a car to drive. However safety should be a driver’s priority when driving. I know you ladies love to look sexy, but have you ever thought what if my “sexy hot” shoes is not the safest to handle the pedals in my vehicle. There are laws to protect a baby while driving from the proper way to strap in a car seat to the size of booster required for toddler’s weight and size. There is even legislation to protect pets but none for the proper driving shoes. Let’s think about it for a second. Those platform flip flop, what if they slips off while driving and falls under the brake pedal, what then? Even a flat flip flop can get caught when negotiating between pedals. When I first learnt how to drive there were two types of shoes I was not comfortable driving in, stilettos and slippers. Really high stilettos my pose a problem if the heel is too high to anticipate the amount of force needed on a pedal to achieve the desired acceleration and braking. So what does all this means. Safety should come first. Looking cute would not have any benefit if you don’t get to your destination at all. Ladies here is my advice, wear shoes that are comfortable when driving, that should also include shoes with no slippage. You can always change into something more sexy and appealing before you exit your vehicle. Safe travel.cdrivers_slide1

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