Free Airport Trolley in Jamaica

Airport trolley are free at Jamaican airport

Trolley Free at Jamaica Airport

Whenever, you are visiting Jamaica and you are travelling with multiple luggage you can use the luggage trolley free of charge. I have not seen too many airport that offers free luggage trolley or any thing for that matter. How long will this trolley be free in airport in Jamaica last? Who cares, the most important thing is that  it is free at this moment.

However, you cannot take your luggage to your vehicle with this free trolley, but you can transport your bags from the luggage carousel through customs and then to the airport porter’s assistance point. This is where you have to stop, you can not pass with your cart. If you try to pass the designated trolley check point, the air port porters will stop you and inform you of a do not pass posted sign.

At this check point you have the options of transporting your bags by hand carring them or have the porter transport them to your vehicle for a small donation.  So support the country men with a small although the distance  to your vehicle is about 75 feet.


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