Jamaicans Deadlined to Pay Unpaid Traffic Tickets Before January 1st, 2012

Jamaican Ticket Amnesty

Jamaicans must pay unpaid traffic fines according to year end deadline

The dead line for the unpaid tickets is here and all Jamaicans who have unpaid traffic tickets must pay up by December 31st, 2012. The Jamaican government have enacted an amnesty to any one who had unpaid traffic tickets over due.

If you don’t pay the unpaid ticket(s) by the December deadline, an automatically warranted for an arrest will be activated. There is no way out of getting arrested, which means if you have any unpaid traffics and you are stopped by the police at a check point or for any other reasons, you will be arrested.

There was a six months notice sent out to the public in June of 2012. This notice of the Jamaican unpaid traffic tickets amnesty was broadcasted on and in various media outlets.

So from what is understood from numerous motorists who are facing many issues such as some Jamaicans are asking for more time; some are charged for offense they said they have not committed; some have been re-summoned again to pay for offenses they have already paid off and kept receipts for; others are saying that the places that are designated to collect the fines and process the violations are inadequate, because there are more people than some facilities can handle.

However, some may say that Jamaican motorist had more than enough time to pay their unpaid fines or fixed any paid or wrongfully charged issues, but have instead waited until the last minuet.

Now here is a question for everyone.  Should the Jamaican people feel like they are been pressured to pay money to the government every day of their lives? Well some will say yes they feel that way, but others will say that if you owe a due it must be paid, whether it is to the government or any private entity.

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