Jamaica Has a New 60MPG or 26KMPL Automobile

Jamaica Nano Car

Jamaica 60 mpg Nano car

Jamaica has introduced its new Tata Nano which is designed to travel a distance of 60 miles on one gallon of gas or 26 kilometer to one liter of petrol. But are Jamaicans ready for the miniature size car, since they have always into big vehicle that can carry a lot of load or many passengers?

The company who seems to be responsible for distributing the Tata Nano in the Island is the Matis Group, a company out of Santo Domingo. According to a representative of the company, Jamaica will be the first Island to get the Nano cars and others Islands will follow as time progresses. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, for the people of Jamaica, I hope this is a part of this Nano petrol saving car distribution and business ventures.
When I heard of this new Nano car, the car made in Jamaica came to mind, the Island Cruiser. What happened to that car why aren’t the Jamaican Government pushing their own brand instead of someone else’s? I guess I should leave that there for another blog post.

However, some people think that Jamaica is ready for the downsized car change to saving on petrol. Others may say that the way Jamaican drive, that small car may not be a good idea for those big trucks on the road.

But putting all those stipulations aside for the sale price for this Nano car is very affordable, which is priced at $940,000.00JD and could be discounted to $893,000.00JD based on buyer and seller agreements. The sale of the Nano car comes with a two year or 15,534 miles/25,000 kilometer warranty, whichever comes first.

Now at such a low price, will this means that there will be more people buying and more people driving, which means more cars on the road and more people working? How will the future of Jamaica look with the implementation of this affordable small automobile market 10 years from now? Who will be the first to give up their big gas guzzling SUV or large sedan for a little petrol sipping Tata Nano? What would the impact on the environment, would be a positive or a negative one?

What ever the outcome turns out to be, we all just have to hope for the best just wait and see. Remember this though Jamaicans, product change is good especially when it benefits ever body and not just the people who are selling the products.

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