The Police Will Ticket You for Sitting in Two Seats on a New York Train

Police Ticketing Train Riders

NYC Police can ticket a rider for putting his or her feet on the seats of the train

How about a ticket or even jailed for sitting or sleeping in two seats on a New York’s train. Now how many of New Yorkers knew this ordnance existed in NYC?

Many residence or train riders will say what if they are the only one on the train, would that law still stand? I would say yes the laws of the days is the law of the night. Take this for example: it’s the middle of the night at an intersection with red light in your direction and no one is around, would you drive through that intersection without stopping? Let me answer that, yes you would driver through that the with the red light on your side, (if you was intoxication and did not know where you are). But if you were in your sound mind.

New York’s Statue: 1050(7)(J), the city’s transit code criminalizing passenger who puts their feet on a subway seat; occupies more than one seat if it interferes with other passengers’ comfort or block movement of other passengers on a subway.

Therefore, even when no one is watching NYC the sitting in one seat law still applies, so always sit on one seat on a New York train.

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